Wednesday, October 28, 2009

101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle

Fashion Stylist and boutique owner Dawn Del Russo can now add author to her list of accomplishments (which also includes graduating from Parsons, styling celebrities, and being featured in magazines/ TV shows). If you aren't familiar with Dawn I highly recommend you check her out. Her boutique can be found online at, and if you are into twitter she goes by DawnDelRusso.

Her book is called "101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle". I was psyched when she sent it to me to review! I love being able to take tips from those in the fashion world that I look up to so that I can apply them to my life.

This book is a compilation of tips that are meant to make girls and women not only look great, but feel great as well. Dawn offers up fun tips such as "Dress for a red carpet" She also includes healthy smart tips such as "Wear Sunscreen". Dawn also gives suggestions that are meant to make her readers more well rounded, worldly, and educated. That was important to me because looks can only get one so far in life. Two of my favorite pages in the book included the tips "Love Yourself" and "Be Yourself". There is nothing more glamorous than having a good self esteem and being true to yourself.

Overall this book offers up fun and creative ideas to improve your quality of life so that you are happy, healthy, and chic! I think this would make a great gift for a friend, family member, or even for yourself!

It can be purchased at Dawns boutique: and at Amazon

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