Saturday, September 19, 2009

La Chambre

This is the collage I put together on and around my closet door. These are photos i've acquired from my favorite blogs and websites over time. I have a mixture of inspirational fashion, quotes, and artwork. I'm currently working on covering the entire wall behind my bed as well as finishing this little area. I love being able to see my favorite pictures everyday, it makes me happy. When one of my friends saw it she remarked "Oh I get it it's on your closet so you feel inspired when you go to pick out your clothes right?" Absolutely right !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bouncy metallics

I really like both of these items from Forever 21. On the website they both look really nice but there is potential for poor quality in person which makes me hesitant to order them. Don't get me wrong I love Forever 21 but I'm just not sure. Any thoughts?

love at 1st sight

Over the knee black leather boots@fashionpicklesJust ordered these "Lunia" over the knee boots from Nine West. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! Cannot wait to get them and wear them!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


 Erin Wasson may be busy getting ready to show her 2010 Spring RVCA line but she has something else in the works too. It seems Erin will be launching a costume jewelry collection with jeweler Pascal Mouawad. The line will be called LowLuv. According to WWD "“the collection is inspired by the Southwestern desert and features 25 styles, including rings, necklaces and bangles in base metal plated in gold or silver. Prices for the line range from $40 to $200 at select retailers that also carry Wasson’s RVCA apparel.” 

Luckily for us it debuts on Sept 11th at her RVCA show. Of the line Erin says “I really felt like it was time to open up LowLuv to the customer who’s been lusting after the expensive stuff but could never afford it,” she continued “That’s my girl. She’s the girl who wears Erin Wasson X RVCA and I wanted to make LowLuv attainable for her, too.”

Erin does a great job of designing for clothes that fashion lovers lust for, I'm sure her jewelry line will be no different. I can't wait to see it!

Thanks Nitrolicious

They're back!

sex and the city 2 @fashionpickles
carrie bradshaw sex and the city 2@fashionpickles
sex and the city 2 carrie bradshaw@fashionpickles
Although the first movie was a bit too cheesy at times I'm still psyched to see all of the girls on set and back in action. While some people are dying to hear the plot line I'm anticipating the spectacular fashion. Judging from these few photos, Patricia Field will not let me down (check out those purple studded shoes!). Though this movie won't be out for a long time the internet will satisfy my curiosity about the fashion on set.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Peter Cotton Tail

the olsen twins fashion@fashionppickles
I wish I could rock out some bunny or mouse ears and look fabulous. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's true!

Love quote @fashionpickles

Love picture@fashionpickles

Cute picture of love@fashionpickles
Hope your day is filled with love and laughs!
Images Via lelove.


Hello fashion lovers, Currently I am at the library passing the time doing a random assortment of things (printing stuff for class, facebooking, working on some internship projects). Having two hours between classes is sometimes tough to fill especially on the second day of class. Anywho happy September! I hope all of you in school are enjoying it and having fun. Here are some random pictures. I used the plotter yesterday (HUUUUGE printer at the library) to print out gorgeous fashion pics that I blew up in photoshop to collage my room. It looks pretty spiffy but it's not quite done yet, I'll post some pics when it is. Hmm I'm off track..well here are some of the pictures I used in my collage. Hope you like them!

Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour@fashionpickles
Mary Kate Olson@fashionpickles

Cool fashion picture girl in bed purple dress@fashionpickles

Kate Moss editorial gypsy@fashionpickles

Fashion wedges edgy@fashionpickles