Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hello fashion lovers, Currently I am at the library passing the time doing a random assortment of things (printing stuff for class, facebooking, working on some internship projects). Having two hours between classes is sometimes tough to fill especially on the second day of class. Anywho happy September! I hope all of you in school are enjoying it and having fun. Here are some random pictures. I used the plotter yesterday (HUUUUGE printer at the library) to print out gorgeous fashion pics that I blew up in photoshop to collage my room. It looks pretty spiffy but it's not quite done yet, I'll post some pics when it is. Hmm I'm off track..well here are some of the pictures I used in my collage. Hope you like them!

Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour@fashionpickles
Mary Kate Olson@fashionpickles

Cool fashion picture girl in bed purple dress@fashionpickles

Kate Moss editorial gypsy@fashionpickles

Fashion wedges edgy@fashionpickles


  1. ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL BLOG!! So pretty!! Im having a MISS FASHIONISTA CONTEST ! Go check it out!! :)

  2. i'm obsessed with that pic of anna.
    love it.