Thursday, August 6, 2009

I hate moving

I have been cleaning and packing and prepping for the big move across town tomorrow (4th move in college so far, hopefully the last) I will update with oodles of posts just as soon as I'm settled!


  1. Bah, I hate moving too. Good luck, and at least you don't have to move too far. :)

  2. I'm moving in for the final time as well next week. My biggest concern is, despite the fact that I get my own closet this year, bringing all my clothes.

  3. hahah clothes are always my biggest concern too! There is never enough space. I can't imagine having to share a closet!!! I highly suggest buying a bar (from the container store or bed bath and beyond) that attaches to the original bar and hangs down. Doubles the closet space.